We Are What We Are

We Are What We Are (2013)

We Are What We Are (2013)

So we’ve been so terrible about updating daily…but I just saw a movie that I REALLY want to give my two cents about.

This movie is about a family of cannibals.

I want to just throw my theory of the ending out there…please give me your opinion about the ending… and please DON’T READ if you don’t want SPOILERS:

(o o) boo!
| O \
 \   \

                     Toil and trouble
   (       "     )   Fire burn and
    ( _  *           Cauldron bubble
       * (     /      \    ___
          "     "        _/ /
         (   *  )    ___/   |
           )   "     _ o)'-./__
          *  _ )    (_, . $$$
          (  )   __ __ 7_ $$$$
           ( :  { _)  '---  $\
      ______'___//__\   ____, \
       )           ( \_/ _____\_
     .'             \   \------''.
     |='           '=|  |         )
     |               |  |  .    _/
      \    (. ) ,   /  /__I_____\
  snd  '._/_)_(\__.'   (__,(__,_]

If you’ve already seen the movie…what do you think about this?

The mother and father were actually siblings that were raised in the cannibal lifestyle together. They grew up together and extended the “we are what we are” family and eventually she dies of cannibalistic madness disease.

You see in a couple scenes of the film that the younger daughter is VERY attached to her older sister. The younger daughter, Rose, wants to get away from this life…as long as it is with her siblings Iris and Rory. Rose is incredibly bothered by the thought of her older sister spending time with the deputy BF and when Iris goes off with him, all of a sudden the father shows up and kills him mid-coitus. I think the younger daughter tipped him off as to where they went because she was jealous and/or worried about Iris abandoning her and starting a new life.

How else would their dad have known where they had gone?

When Iris gets grazed in the head with the doctor’s bullet, Rose assumes that Iris has died and runs off with Rory to start a new life. They run to the truck and when that doesn’t work out, they run to their neighbor’s (Kelly McGillis) trailer. Iris doesn’t do anything to help the situation…she doesn’t explain the issue nor ask the neighbor to phone the police. She just waits until the neighbor is killed off. She WANTS the evidence to die so she can get away. She’s a sociopath.

When the father says that Iris is still alive, Rose is lured back in because she wants to be with her sister. Her and Rory go back to the house and the father gives the oldest daughter and incredibly creepy kiss which suggests that he might eventually try to become sexual with her (suggesting that incest isn’t off-limits in their family history). Eventually Rose and Iris kill their father. They are shown driving off together, with Rose looking happy and satisfied and holding the “book” on her lap.

I think that Rose now wants to hold onto the insular, cannibal tradition because that will give her the power to keep Iris in her life…possibly in a relationship MORE than just sisters. It’s the 21st century…they could totally live together as partners without much attention and also raise Rory and build a family.

I think this is an odd tale about incest and cannibalism. From the reviews I’ve read about the movie, I don’t see anyone speculating about the incest part of it. Is it odd that I think this is blatantly obvious in the movie???

Anyways…I’d love to hear anyone else’s take on it!

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