This movie is about a group of men/boys that go around causing havoc. They record videos of life porn-example- They chased a girl and her boyfriend down lifted her shirt and recorded the actions. They sell it for approx. 50 bucks a tape. One of the guys were offered a job to retrieve a VHS tape from some old dude’s house. Since it was going to pay well the 4 guys all agreed to do it.

The guys break into the house. The old man is dead with like 5 tvs and a VCR in front of him. One by one each of the guys come into the room and turn on the VHS.

Guy number one watches a story of this group of friends who go to clubs to take advantage of girls and take them back to hotel rooms and well… you get the point.. that all ended when she came along..

vhs-picture03-1Once that mini story was over guy#1 disappeared and guy #2 comes in the room and starts watching the video. His story is about a couple who is traveling cross country and one night while in their hotel room the boyfriend is trying to get fresh with the girlfriend on camera. Well while he is epic-ally failing there is a knock on the door and it is a creepy chick in all black. They turn her down to offer her a ride. While they were sleeping she came in to the room and stole monies and looked at the chick’s butt. The next night the girl comes back into the room kills the boyfriend and records herself kissing the girlfriend.

v-h-sRight after that mini story a group of four friends are driving to the woods to go camping. Once they get to the woods Wendy the girl who organized the trip told them they were all going to die up there. While getting high by the lake they started asking her what she meant. She acted like she was kidding. Spider took the blonde chick (forgot her name) to go pee. Of course he took the camera with him to record her. Then some demonic guy/thing kills both of them and Wendy retrieves the camera. She finds the last friend(supposed hot guy) and asks him to fuck her.. to get into the lake with her and fuck each other’s brains out!  The demonic guy/thing comes from behind him and kills him. well as it so happens… Miss Wendy was part of the group of teens that were murdered previously and she was back to get him on camera because nobody  believed her. Needless to say though she tried really hard to capture him on tape she was unsuccessful and she was murdered.

vhs-4So then the guy who watched the VHS disappeared and another one of his cronies came in the dead guy was not in the chair but of course he did not realize that he sat down and started watching another story. His story was a chick who would video chat(face time) with her boyfriend all day and night. Well she was having trouble sleeping because she said that she was hearing noises. So that night she face timed her boyfriend and he saw the ghost. Well this scenario continued for a matter of days and one day she started digging in her arm and that was the night she had to talk to the “ghost.”  While trying to talk to the “ghost” she got knocked out and her boyfriend came in her house even though he was supposed to be hundreds of miles away. He cut her open and pulled out a somewhat human creature.. I HAVE NO IDEA! Anyways he played it off like she walked out side sleep walking and got injured really bad. So basically he is doing this with multiple girls and it is some weird ass conspiracy theory.

v_h_s-06Well now… That punk disappeared also. So the final story is when the lead of the group comes in the room notices all of his cronies are MIA and that the dead dude is missing. He walked down stairs and sees one of his cronies laying headless on the ground. He sees the dead guy standing there and as always in horror movies he runs up stairs. He dies.

His mini story is… a group of guys headed out for a Halloween party. Didn’t remember shit.. not the address…. nothing. So they assumed it was this one house on a M street. First clue that it was not the house.. It was empty.. yes folks.. I said it EMPTY. but do you think these dillweeds even 2nd guessed that it was the wrong house..NOPE NOT AT ALL. so they entered from the back (heh heh) and started seeing creepy things.. Found their way up the attic where there was a Satanic ritual being held.  They tried to save the girl. The house started attacking them. They got away from the house. The devil still claimed the girl and their car stalled out on railroad tracks. tisk tisk. Well they died.

v-h-s5Then ending credits.


So this movie was a trip. It jumped around a lot. Because it was a found footage movie it was hard to stay on track. the mini stories were creepy and i will probably be sleeping with my closet doors shut tonight but i just don’t see how the cronies fit in to the mini stories. This is kind of like a tales from the dark side type thing with douche bags vandalizing things, harassing chicks, and breaking into people’s house.

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