This review is SUPER late… oops.

Basically, I hated this movie.  It reminded me of Slither in some parts, basically just the “creatures…”

The movie can be summed up very quickly.  All these people live in a self-serving apartment complex on an Island in Montreal… An old pedophile man (68 years old), who is consenually raping dating and subsequently experimenting on a young whore girl.  He believes that humans think too much and has designed a virus, that is a cross between an aphrodisiac and a VD so that he can create a huge orgy pretty much.  The girl goes fucking crazy and has slept with several men, spreading the VD, the old man kills her and tries to burn the VD but fails, so he kills himself…good riddance…

Old man killing the girl

There is one asshole guy that is the main “carrier” of the VD that enables it to spread throughout the whole complex…

The “slither” like things basically burn you or try and get into you somehow and make you super horny..  One of them even enters through a drain in a bathtub (Slither scene)

The rest of the movie is literally all about a Doctor being so fucking stupid he can’t even get out of a building or save his nurse girlfriend and all the people in the apartment complex raping each other infecting one another, until everyone has these things inside of them and are all just fucking each other.

One, cliche lesbian scene…

By the end everyone, like I said has been raped and has these things inside of them, then they all exit and go into the world raping anyone they can find to infect… The End.

If you want to see a 70’s movie all about sexual assault and Rape…watch this movie.

Shocktober stuffs…

Supposed to be done by THELiz, but done by Lady Buffnstuff

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