Anyone who knows anything about computers and electronics will understand this movie slightly better than I. A noble and interesting concept though. Computer genius Josh is on his way to meet his friend Zeigler, when a random spirit sucks the life out of him. Unbeknowst to his girlfriend Mattie, she visits his apartment a few days later where she finds it disaray and his cat dying of mal nutrition. Empty spirit Josh then hangs himself with an ethernet cable. That’s what happens when you don’t have wifi nowadays.

Mattie gets some strange messages from Josh’s computer making it seem like he’s still alive, but then she finds out his computer was in the hands of “Dex” McCarthy who finds a bunch of strange shit on it. Turns out that there’s a virus that has shut down the censor portion of our world versus the evil supernatural world. Basically said spirits take over most of the world, except for certain places where there is no wifi or cell reception so people are resumed safe.

Que metaphor for the take over of technology.



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