Dead Alive (Braindead)

Dead Alive, or Braindead in the UK (filmed in 92)  is probably one of THE goriest movies I have ever seen, seriously – shit was NASTY! A creation from Peter Jackson, who I didn’t even know did horror.  Lets just say that the image below describes my thoughts on him as the creator of this movie:

So true…

So my basic review is: See this movie!!! It was so horrible I couldn’t stop watching! It was one of those genuine train wreck movies- you never know where it’s gonna go! Just when you think the movie has been pushed to its’ limits something even more sick happens! Sooo wonderful. I LOVE bad movies. I especially love bad funny movies and this hits it right on the head! This is right up there with Basket Caset  but it’s actually better  because it’s TRYING to be what it is; which is perfection!

Okay, let’s get to it. The movie is centered around a mama’s boy young man and a fierce & sexy latina “latin girl.” The latin girl (Paquita) starts going after the mama’s boy (Lionel) because her grandmother reads her tarot cards and says that he is her perfect match. Of course Lionel’s mother doesn’t like that someone might take her son away and follows them on a date to the zoo where she is bitten by a crazy-ass-rat-monkey-looking-monster-thing rat monkey.. First SUPER gory scene, but also pretty fucking hilarious!

Crazy Ass Mother getting bitten by the Rat Monkey thing

Lionel’s mother is now infected and starts killing things and people.  Lionel, being a Mama’s boy feels the need to take care of her, even though she is killing people and infecting them and trying to kill him. Such a sweet boy! He finds a way to sedate her and fake her death.  They have a funeral where we meet his sleazy uncle. Seriously, this guys is a slimball! He straight up goes to Paquita and tries to spit game multiple times but she cusses him out in spanish telling him to leave her the fuck alone. Great stuff! Night falls and Lionel goes back to retrieve his mother from her grave, but a group of thugs are there drinking and before you know it more GORE!  This scene is actually where you get to hear THE funniest line of the movie: “I Kick ass for the Lord!”, said in the Australian accent from a priest made it just that much sweeter :).

More people are made into zombies and now Lionel has to take care of 4 dead/not dead things; his mother, the priest, the nurse and one of the thugs.  2 of the zombies do the zombie nasty and a baby zombie is created.

The Zombie Nasty…

The Super sleazy uncle finds the dead/undead and threatens to call the Popo and blackmails Lionel into giving him all his money and the house, which Lionel being a pansy actual does agrees to.  The uncle has a party, the Zombies somehow escape and the wonder that is truly Dead Alive begins… I would say there is a good 30-45 minutes of just GORE, GUTS, GROTESQUE and BLOOD, including so much blood Lionel tries to run but actually just runs in place (HA! So awesome…). This movie even has entrails coming to life and looking into a mirror to see how pretty they are….no joke.

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all…?

Lots and lots of laughs and blood and my wife and I looking at each other with the, “Did that really just happen?!” look on our faces along with many,”NO!”‘s This movie is NOT to be missed.  You may think within the first few minutes that I have steered you wrong but wait it out. You wont be sorry! I can’t wait to watch it again. For REAL!

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Written by THELiz

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