Cat People (1942)

This movie was so damn awesome! First of all, two names… Simone Simon and Jane Randolph…

Simone Simon

Jane Randolph

So hot… Simone Simon reminds me of a young Zsa Zsa…
Ok, basically, I think that everyone should go see this movie!  Nothing better than 2 hot ladies in an, if you will excuse the pun, “cat fight”…  The entire movie is based on fear and jealousy, but not in a shallow cliché way.  Cat people is very well written and very well filmed considering its a black and white movie…and there is something VERY familiar about the whole movie.. Like pieces of it are in many films of today…

Synopsis, guy meets girl, guy falls in love with girl, girl thinks that she is cursed, you will either find out if girl is crazy or if she really is cursed…

Is she a creepy cat lady…?

Will this be her best friend?

I will be honest, at the last few scenes of the movie, I was sad that I had watched it.. It has a scene where a cat gets run over…and my cat just got run over…so that was a bit of a painful movie watching experience…but all in all, VERY VERY good.. Perfect blend, to me, of old horror and old awesome movie! I REALLY want to write a lengthy review of this movie because it was so good, but I would rather whoever is reading this actually see it, rather than spoil it.. I might just be a sucker for old movies, but I truly enjoyed it.

One thing though…EVERYONE in this movie is like a chimney! I mean even the janitor lady washing the floors is smoking and we really need a scene of the janitor cleaning the floor and dusting the ash from her cigarette from her chest area??

By Lady Buffnstuff

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