Nosferatu (1922)


So, you like horror, eh? Ever saw a horror film that made it so the only screams you hear are your own? Nosferatu is my first silent film ever viewed. You got love, suspense, horror, and great movie makeup from the start.

I honestly thought the movie was going to be far more cheesy than what it was. My wife did some research when the movie finished and found that the viewing of Nosferatu was barred in Sweden because it was just that terrifying. Hah!

The movie begins with Hutter picking flowers to his wife. He gives them to her as a surprise and she’s taken by their beauty but at the same time asks why he’s killed such beautiful flowers. At that mark the movie caught my interest since I have the same feelings about cut flowers. Anyways, Hutter just laughs it off and hurries on to work.

On arrival, Hutter’s boss tells him about a job oppertunity. You see, Count Orlok is looking to find a house in their very area! So all Hutter needs to do is go up to Count Orlok’s place to help him out and receive a very good compensation.

Hutter is excited about such an easy task but his wife, Ellen, is beside herself. The trip there will take a while and she really doesn’t want to be away from her husband that long.

At this point I’m intrigued about how freaking cheerful Hutter is. No matter what happens or what anyone says he just laughs it off or gives them a huge smile. Clearly that means he’s doomed, right?

Wrong. But I’ll get to that in a sec

On his journey he ran through people speaking of werewolves and reads a book in his hotel room about ghosts and creatures called Nosferatu’s who suck your blood and terrify you at night. Of course, Hutter laughed it off. Even when his ride suddenly stops as it’s nearing night and says that no matter what amount of money he offers, he’s not taking him any further. He laughs at the man and continues on foot, after a while he’s picked up by Orlok (which he doesn’t know).

Hutter arrives at Orlok’s creepy place and pushes everything he has learned to the back of his mind. They are just chatting when Hutter cuts his finger and Orlok freaks the fuck out mesmerized by Hutters blood- which creeps the heck out of Hutter. Orlok scares convinces Hutter into staying up with him the rest of the night to just “talk”. It seems that Hutter has dozed off sometime during that “conversation”.

When Hutter wakes up his neck is aching so he examines it to find his neck had been suck to hell bug bites and just brushes it off. Later that night he talks to Orlok about the properties and Hutter mentions his wife and shows Orlok a picture of her. Of course, Orlok being Orlok says,”Your wife has a beautiful neck…” and Hutter replies in wide eyes and sudden loss of breath. Orlok then exclaims that he will be moving in to the property across from theirs and hurriedly signs the paperwork.

When Hutter goes to bed Orlok has spazzed out and is in full I need more of that precious blood Nosferatu mode (It’s funny to me how he can walk and move around fairly okay but when he’s in Nosferatu mode he’s all slow and stiff).


Hutters wife, Ellen, spaces out and seems to feel as if Hutter is in danger. She wills whatever harm that’s directed to him is transferee on to her self.

With that, Orlok seems to get the message and backs the fuck off. Remember me talking about him
Being lucky? And after all, wifey has a nice ass neck.

Orlok sneaks his creepy ass onto a ship that’s boarding a whole bunch of coffins like his. Hutter (who somehow got his ass trapped in his room) escapes Orlok’s place and hurries on home.

Ellen reads up on Nosferatu’s in some book that is just happens to be laying around and learns that they can’t be up after the first rooster crow.

So, it basically ends with Orlok being relinquished to smoke. Sorry, I’m bad at endings.

I can’t believe a silent movie was that freaking long! Well worth it though for educational purposes, of course.

Side note: I didn’t scream. Not even once.

– Written by TheLiz

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