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I originally saw Audition last year. I needed a refresher so I watched it again, but fast-forwarded through MUCH of the movie, which I am really glad I did, because the first HOUR of this movie is completely boring… and here…we….go….

The movie starts off with a little boy taking his mother a get well soon present. Spoiler Alert: The mother dies… Fast forward a few years and we see the father, and main character, Aoyama, still alone and seemingly unhappy. He goes to a bar (I so wished they would sing karaoke, but they didn’t…) with his friend, Yoshikawa, who just happens to be a film producer. Somehow they think up a plan for Aoyama to find a new wife, Yoshikawa says he will help Aoyama by holding an “Audition” for a part in a movie, but really it’s like a really fucked up matchmaking scheme that the girls have no idea about… There are tons of girls that send in their resume’s and the two see girls for hours in an empty room, until they meet Asami.
Aoyama is clearly taken by her and doesn’t listen to his friend that is telling him that she seems off… This is where things go weird for a minute.. The scene of Asami waiting for Aoyama to call her for a date, after seeing it the second time made more sense.. But just keep the scene in your mind for the ending of the movie… it all comes together..
So this chick Asami, she seems so nice and sweet.. She’s very quiet and proper. I mean look at her? Doesn’t she look sweet?
There’s a lot of quiet talk between Aoyama and Asami. They go on a few dates and Aoyama asks Asami to go with him on a vacation. They are in a dark room and Aoyama, who clearly has NO game is talking and being awkward, when Asami undresses and calls him to the bed. She stops him from removing his clothes and gives him a bit of a peep show, until she reveals scars on her thighs. She then asks Aoyama to “love her and only her.” He agrees and she flings him around and wakes up to a ringing phone. He seems drunk as he doesn’t seem to know what just happened and takes several rings to answer the phone. The desk clerk asks him if he is going to stay since his partner has left. He returns home alone and tries to find Asami. He goes to her old dance studio and finds some creepy old asian man with screwed up legs playing the piano who talks to him for a while then suddenly tells him to leave. He goes to her old place of business, where it appears to be closed. Someone in the stairwell tells him that the place has been closed for over a year and that the owner was murdered and hacked into pieces and that they found extra fingers and a tongue with the pieces… Aoyama has a crazy vision and going batshit crazy for a second, which is awesome because the guy doesn’t even ask him if he’s ok, he just leaves..

This is where this movie turns the crazy corner…

Aoyama’s son calls and leaves a message that he will be staying at a friends’ house and reminds him to eat. (by the way, the son seems like such a freaking nerd…) Anyway, so this is where you start feeling like something is going to go down, he’s going to be home alone, minus Macaulay Culkin…
Aoyama gets home and pours a drink to unwind, he then becomes paralyzed and falls to the floor. Several scenes occur including this… You know what he’s eating there?? PUKE! that’s right! A BOWL OF FREAKING PUKE!! and he actually says “yummy!” More scenes which include a scene with Asami and her pervert dance instructor who burns her with incense and scenes of him almost getting blow jobs from different women.. very crazy..
He wakes up to Asami like this.. She numbs his tongue, I am assuming so he can’t scream and begins to torture him with needles, placing them in his stomach and eyes. During the torture she explains that he doesn’t love only her, that he loves others (his son, etc.) and that all men are the same and that he only wanted to sleep with her…. Then she takes out a wire, (that you see earlier in the movie in the scenes with the pervert dance instructor). She says, “you can’t run if you don’t have feet.” (OH MOTHER FUCKER, IS SHE REALLY GUNNA DO THAT SHIT? Is what I first thought when I first saw it..) So she winds the wire around his foot and…
It all ends with Aoyama’s son coming home unexpectedly, Asami trying to get him as well and the son kicking her off a set of stairs and calling the police. The movie ends with a monologue from when Aoyama and Asami first meet, where she is again very quiet and meek…

All in all the first hour of the movie is absolutely slow and boring, but contains IMPORTANT information for the climax of the film, so you have to watch it… If you sit back and think about it, it’s really sad, because Asami is just a batshit crazy chick who was abused in many ways and probably just snapped to a point where, even though Aoyama really did love her, she, because she is crazy, didn’t give him a chance and just maimed him instead.. But yeah… Even the second time seeing it, it still made me squirm and is STILL the most REAL torture I have ever seen.

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Written by Lady Buffnstuff

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